Sunday, January 10, 2010

Low Ebb

I know next to nothing about physics, relativity, spacetime, etc. beyond snippits of incomprehensible conversations among those in the know (or in the “theorize” really) and sitting through the movie What the Bleep do we Know? which was enjoyable and a good starting point for some way out conversations, but which many in the “theorize” generally dismiss as lightweight and misleading.

I do know that spacetime is often described ‘fabric’ which can be fluidly moved, bent or folded like a piece of muslin. Fabric I know. I sew. But I don’t think anyone is saying I could make a lovely sundress out of spacetime. Or maybe I can. Whatever.

My husband and I have often discussed the idea that there are periods of time that, to our perception, pass more slowly than they ought to, if time were at a constant speed. Usually these things happen when caught in a barely tolerable meeting, during an uncomfortable confrontation or at a boring movie (did anyone see Kevin Costner in Revenge? I swear that movie was thirteen and a half hours long).

But sometimes these slow periods have no direct correlation to an unpleasant or boring experience. More interestingly, in our experience, multiple people tend to feel the slowing of time together even when their activities are quite varied. Dan believes these are moments when time actually slows down. “Goes around a curve,” is how he describes it. I have no idea if there’s any theoretical merit to his instinct, but it seems plausible.

Whatever the reality (and is there even any such thing?!?!?) the experience seems real enough.

At the moment, my energy, my life force, (and my general attitude) are at a low ebb. I feel as if I am in slow motion, except there’s no ‘bionic woman’ sound effect and I don’t have amazing powers. The sense is one of wandering aimlessly even in the midst of directive action. I have a ‘to do’ list and I seem to be sticking to it but there’s no urgency, no desire. And it doesn’t even bother me.

But it’s back to school and work tomorrow. And there are meetings and grants and flute lessons and homework and dog walking and cat box cleaning and baths and church council and choir carpool and orthodontist appointments and phone calls and brochures and… Does anyone have a cosmic iron?

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  1. You wrote about "wandering aimlessly", accomplishing things but having no sense of urgency - and it doesn't even bother you. To me, this is a WONDERFUL state to be in! I used to spend (and sometimes still do spend) SO much time in a frenetic-energy kind of state, that when I do have these moments, hours, or even days of "ah, whatever", chill, go-with-the-flow relationship with time - WOW! I treasure them deeply. :)