Friday, November 30, 2007

Just for Reference

If, for some reason, you didn't get last year's Moir Family Christmas Card, I've put it here for you to see, since this year's card references it. The point is, of course, that nothing can top last year's combination of genius ideas, mad skills, wonderful collaboration and hair gel.

For the record, here are the credits: The original idea to do an album cover was Dan's. I honestly can't remember who came up with doing the Joshua Tree (I think it might have been me, but it could have been a collaborative effort). Dan and I worked together to assemble costumes and coerce Eiledon into portraying a boy (“I don’t WANT to be a boy!!!” “You’re not just being ‘a boy.’ You get to be BONO, probably the coolest man on the planet at this moment!”) and also coerce Gavin into accepting hair gel for his amazing portrayal of Larry Mullen Jr. The glasses I wear as Adam Clayton are my brother’s. This same brother, Dan Fergus (hereafter to be referred to as “Dan F.” for the prevention of complete confusion), took the photo and then brilliantly photo-shopped it over an image of Joshua Tree National Park AND photo-shopped Edge’s hat onto Dan’s head-it was the one costume piece we just couldn’t come up with. The idea of changing “U2” into “Us 4” was Dan's.

In our quest to share “the real us” with our loved ones at Christmas through sometimes odd but hopefully always amusing photo cards, we hope we haven’t peaked too early!

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