Friday, October 5, 2007

Using a Mac in a PC World

Many thanks to genius Dan Fergus for pointing out two very simple coding errors that caused the site not to render properly in Internet Explorer. I think the quote on the homepage still runs over the box in IE but that little detail can wait a bit. I continue to post content on the site and have almost gotten everything up on the Drama page. Mostly church plays. Looking back, I realize that my church involvement, more than anything else, kept me writing regularly when I believed it was “novels or nothing.” In many ways, because they were almost all performed publicly, I have already “published” in this arena. Hope to have my Easter play up today and then I will move on to posting some of my articles, essays and other. Novels will probably be last as I really want to spend time composing and polishing the summaries and plot synopses. Being paid to write novels is, of course, my ultimate goal. Check out the new picture on my “Contact” page. Tee hee.

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