Friday, June 17, 2011


School’s been out for a week now and I’m grateful to say “So far, so good.” (I probably just jinxed it, didn’t I?) I really was looking forward to school ending, to the slower pace of life, to the fun activities with the kids. I have great plans for some academic-type activities each day: times tables practice through silly games on, learning how to type, using a great website called typing web, and lots of reading. We’re also learning the song “Wakko Warner’s Fifty States and Capitals,” which is hilarious and makes geography lots of fun. I’ve also got “Adventure Day” planned for a number of the Fridays during the summer. Today we went to Moir Park in Bloomington, a favorite destination of ours and not just because of the name.

But transition is transition is transition. And if it’s not my kids’ strong suit, that’s probably because they inherited it from me. While these first few days have been great and, honestly, I feel more present with my kids this summer so far than I have for the past three, I AM TIRED! It takes a lot to get used to an entirely new rhythm and flow. Even though I’m driving less and doing less outside the home, I have to be “on” all the time. And I’m realizing I might not have taken into enough consideration my bona fide need for alone time/creative time. Because… well… I’m not alone. Ever.

I was gratified to have another mom relate a similar state of affairs in her world. Of course I’m not the only mom who does this to herself! I was encouraged again to take my own mental state seriously and incorporate activities that will recharge me. This will be especially crucial next week when I’ll be surrounded by hoards of kids at Vacation Bible School every morning. An introvert’s dream, I tell you!

So this isn’t much of a blog entry, really. I’m almost sheepish posting it. But it’s a commitment to myself. That for even just these few moments on a Friday evening I can put fingers to keyboard and pound something out. Creative? That’s debatable. Self-nurturing? That’s essential.


  1. Great ideas. You go girl. I know that the energy thing is difficult. Have you thought about Vitamin B12 for yourself as well as for the kiddos? I am hearing great things about it. Just sayin. Your excitement for the summer comes from a plan. Plans are good. I know they are difficult to swallow for some of us free thinkers. You have to put that me time into the plan and make your kiddos help with the chores so that you have time for the other things. Use cards for each day of the summer for each of you with your must do's and want to's. As you finish each chore or item you get to check it off. Feeling of accomplishment! Your kiddos are the perfect age for this. Believe me it works. Did Nana do that for me? No, but my neighbor's mom did it for her. Every morning I knew what was on her list and I did the same at my house so I could go play with her. I always got done faster and would help her finish up so we could play. I loved watching her get to check off her chores on her list. I always looked to see what was ahead for the next day so I would know what I had to do. That to me was a sign that I needed organized but didn't know how to do it. Good luck with VBS. Wish I was there helping.

  2. It *is* tough being "on" all day long; I'm glad you recognize that, and are being appropriately compassionate towards yourself. Is there a reason why you have so many academic activities planned for/with your kids? Perhaps easing on some of those a bit may help the anxiousness? Just wondering... (I'm a BIG fan of academics in the summer; but also recognize the need for most kids to spend time 'just' playing, too.... [And I know your kids have some special needs, so that may not be an option; just wondering...])

  3. Yeah, we're doing a grand total of 30 minutes max between math, geography and typing, another 30 minutes of reading (which is the recommended minimum), on four days a week, so it's not too strenuous. I'm also having them write one letter a week and something creative every day or so, along with some chores around the house. It amounts to maybe 2 hours of time for which they're rewarded with 2 hours of technology time. Otherwise, they're playing. Oh, and one day a week we have "Adventure Day." Look for my next post: A Bend in the Creek about our first one :)

  4. I totally understand what you mean about alone time. I'm a foster mom and lately I've been so wishing for some alone time. I'm feeling really drained.

    I liked the ideas you shared about summer activities too.

  5. Hope you get a chance to recharge!